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Top 20 Windows Shortcut Keys

No one wants to go slower. The new touch interfaces in Windows 8 are easy to navigate, but don’t forget about theWindows Key Windows Key (Winkey). Just like right-click is still often the fastest way to select actions in Windows, these Windows shortcut keys get you there faster:

(Press the Winkey and the listed character at the same time for the desired action.)

Winkey – Toggle between Start screen and the foremost running app or the Windows Desktop.

Winkey 1,2,3 etc. – Number of the application on the Quick Launch bar from left to right.

Winkey B – Notification area.

Winkey C – Charms.

Winkey D – Desktop.

Winkey E – Windows Explorer.

Winkey F – Find dialog.

Winkey I – Start screen settings.

Winkey L – Locks Windows Desktop.

Winkey M – Minimized all windows.

Winkey N – OneNote (if installed)

Winkey O – Orientation toggle.

Winkey P – Projection pane for picking a display.

Winkey Q – Lync (if installed)

Winkey R – Run box.

Winkey T – Taskbar.

Winkey Z – Apps bar (displays all apps).

Winkey Arrow – Moves selected Window.

Winkey (+ or -) – Zooms in or out.

Winkey F1 – Help and Support.

Special thanks to Jeremy Anthamatten for reminding us how to move around quickly.

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