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Proving Customer Satisfaction Versus Competitors

Future VisionHow do you prove customer satisfaction versus competitors? Can what you claim be verified by a third-party? Are you regularly demonstrating great customer service and acting upon customer feedback? These are some tough questions for every business, so we thought we’d share some ideas – possibly for your business and especially when evaluating Microsoft Partners.

Microsoft Partner CSAT Index

Over 500,000 Microsoft Partner organizations worldwide have access to use the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Index tool. However, only Microsoft Gold Partners or roughly 1% of that number are required to use the tool. Out of that small number, you’d be hard pressed to find any other Microsoft Partner mentioning CSAT or offering the feedback survey on their website or blog.

Rather than bombard you with survey e-mails having dozens of questions, we regularly offer customers the ability to provide feedback here and on our website with just 4 simple questions (often answered in less than 2 minutes):

  1. Based on your experience, how likely would you be to recommend Matrixforce to a friend or colleague looking for technology products, services, and/or support?
    • Definitely would
    • Probably would
    • Might or might not
    • Probably would not
    • Definitely would not
  2. We’d like to ask you about your overall satisfaction with Matrixforce. Considering everything you know about this company, its relationship with you and its technology products, services, and/or support would you say you are . . .
    • Definitely would
    • Probably would
    • Might or might not
    • Probably would not
    • Definitely would not
  3. Please indicate how satisfied you are with Matrixforce’s performance using the following scale of 1 to 9 where 9 represents “Outstanding”, 5 represents “Acceptable”, and 1 represents “Poor”.
    • Quality of products and/or technical solutions provided
    • Value received relative to quality (of products, services and/or support) and price paid
    • Matrixforce’s ability to meet your specific business needs
    • Technical competency of staff
  4. What one thing can Matrixforce do to best improve its effectiveness at meeting your total needs? Is there any additional feedback about your experience with Matrixforce that you’d like to share? (Optional)

Take Survey

As independently surveyed by TNS Global for 2015, Matrixforce averaged an overall 96% customer satisfaction rating versus 85% for other partners in the U.S. This benchmark is not something that Microsoft or we can manipulate – and is definitely not paid testimonial advertising. Many of our customers are also now utilizing similar services for their businesses.

Matrixforce CSAT 2015

TNS Global: Matrixforce CSAT Index 2014 – 2015

Customer service must be demonstrated from transparency like this blog to availability like answering the phone live. With technology constantly evolving, we welcome you to take the survey and help us continue to improve service for you. If you have any concerns with our service, please contact us and feel free to ask for our CEO Kevin Fream. Thank you for your time and insights.

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