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Equallogic Firmware Upgrade 2013

Dell LogoSo it’s time again. Usually, once per year you should update your Dell Equallogic SAN firmware. Unlike competing manufacturers, annual Dell Equallogic maintenance doesn’t double each year and covers not only parts and disk replacement, but also the magic firmware that other competitors require expensive third-party software to perform things like replication.

We have invested approximately $400,000 in Equallogic storage for online backup for clients, as well as internal use. Over the last 5 years, we’ve updated dozens of Equallogic boxes and here are the main things you need to know:

  1. There’s never been any data loss, but you should always have a backup.
  2. A restart of the box is required, so firmware upgrades should be done during scheduled maintenance time when users have been notified that their data is unavailable.
  3. Make sure you can access the Group Manager beforehand. It’s common for Java to simply stop working or require update, so check and resolve this issue before the scheduled upgrade.
  4. Equallogic support web site requires a user name and password to access the instructions and download.
  5. For a single member box, it can take 1-2 hours for the upgrade including downloading the firmware. If you also have any listed hard disk firmware, apply it next and add another half hour.
  6. If you are several versions behind, currently you are required to upgrade each version sequentially and cannot simply upgrade to the latest firmware.
  7. All members of a group must be upgraded and any replication partners should be at the same firmware level.

Recommended Equallogic firmware and software levels:

  • PS Series Firmware 6.0.4 (just released 6.0.6)
  • Hard Disk Firmware KD0A and EC04
  • Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.6.0
  • Manual Transfer Utility 1.2.3

For other storage questions, see our online backup site.

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