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Online Backup Shift

Where is that tape? Is it melting in a car or readily accessible at an employee’s house for the neighborhood bad kid to copy or swipe? Oh, you’re smarter than that and use external hard drives that get regularly bumped, have no encryption, and can fry with any electrical storm. There are laws and criminal penalties if a trusted employee steals the daily deposit, but what about theft or loss of your tape or hard drive? Further, even if you have a safety deposit box for whatever backup media used and the backup employee is trustworthy, it’s not likely they can restore your system. This is why most business are moving toward online backup.

However, before even discussing benefits, you have to know the online backup definition. The secret is one full backup on-site to an external drive  followed by incremental changes via the Internet from that point forward. Then you get the online backup benefits: no human intervention, better security, and better reliability.

Since many people don’t really understand online backup, there are numerous online backup myths. Chief among these myths are high cost and trustworthiness. What’s often forgetten is luck seems to be a major factor for most organizations backup strategy considering the numerous tape errors, regular practice of not changing the tape or taking an external drive offsite, and little protection for theft or loss in a purse or brief case.

While various players are clamoring after the large consumer market of online backup, you should do your due diligence and review the common online backup FAQ of providers. Consumer backup products are generally not appropriate for business networks or applications and it is important to select a managed service provider that can assist in restoring a system.

See the online backup comparison tool to review versus your current approach and then contact us for a demo at (918) 622-1167 Option 3 or

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