Kevin Fream PhotoI am Kevin Fream, CEO of Matrixforce, and all about disrupting business by streamlining technology. Ask me anything!

Before starting, let me give you some info about me. I despise both apathy and bluster, but appreciate straightforward insight.

Do something strikingly different. Cut to the chase and work backward to get the right actions. Be more prepared than the next guy and anticipate what happens next.  That’s my approach to virtually everything.

For the last 20 years, I’ve helped mid-sized businesses eliminate technology headaches while thriving in the hyper-competitive technology industry.

Some topics that may be of interest and I’m willing to share include:

  • Anything related to managed services, cloud computing, and online backup
  • What we’re building at Matrixforce, why, for whom, and how that’s changed over the last few years
  • My experience rising through the ranks over the years to become CEO and buyout the original founder
  • Technology at Matrixforce and trends across the industry in general

Hopefully, I can be helpful and provide you a few unusual pearls of wisdom!

Most AMA events are scheduled for a specific time. However, this AMA is referenced for various articles, videos, and presentations.

Excluding holidays or special occasions, responses will be made Monday – Friday, 8a – 5p CST on a continual basis.

Please post your questions now.

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