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Managed IT Services Expert Exposes Everything Clients Should Know

Kevin Fream and Matrixforce Publish New Book Revealing Technology Industry Secrets Every Business Owner Must Know to Compete

Kevin Fream Managed IT Services ExpertFream, best-selling cybersecurity author and creator of the Delta Method to reduce complexity and avoid risk, will release “Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology” on 7/25/2017 by Matrixforce.

Tulsa, OK  July 21, 2017 –  Kevin Fream, the CEO at Matrixforce and #1 Best Selling Author of “Easy Prey” set to release much-anticipated second book, “Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology.”

Fream’s new book provides guidance on buying technology and hiring IT support that no one else dares to publish. The alarming and little-known fact is that the technology industry is not regulated. Unlike other professional services, ANYONE can claim they are an “expert” with no education, training, or licensing. Further, there aren’t any specific laws in existence to protect business customers – which is why it’s so important for business owners to arm themselves with the streamlining technology secrets contained in the book.

In honor of Mark Fream, a portion of the royalties earned from Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology will be donated to The Muscular Dystrophy Association to help fight ‎to free individuals — and the families who love them — from the harmful effects of muscular dystrophy, ALS and related life-threatening diseases so they can live longer and grow stronger.

The entire IT industry and a flawed technology strategy is working against business owners like you – unexpectedly draining cash flow and exposing you to untold risk and potentially even bankruptcy.

More About Kevin Fream

Kevin Fream, Matrixforce CEO and cyber security expert, helps business owners and leadership teams reduce technology complexity and avoid risk. His website offers support and cybersecurity insights, tools, and downloads.

While finishing his Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems at Tulsa University, Kevin landed a paid internship with DuPont. That early experience with one of the most security conscious organizations in history gave him the opportunity to go on to work nationwide with Fortune 500 firms.

Along the way, he noticed the local marketplace was riddled with suspect capabilities, rude behavior, and relentless hourly billing. Mid-sized businesses with $5 million to $150 million in revenues seemed to be particularly underserved and mistreated. So, Kevin created a simple customer service strategy:

1. Assume the risk for customers by offering flat cost and demonstrating business justification. No one would be compensated for billable hours or selling products.

2. Train staff on rules of engagement and how to talk with customers in simple language, so they could understand and control outcomes for information technology.

3. Specialize in Microsoft productivity and security solutions for annually audited expertise.

Twenty years later, Matrixforce has saved clients collectively over $500 million on technology services and products and is a top 100 Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner.

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About Matrixforce

Matrixforce, established in 1978, is a C Corporation headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company provides managed IT services that streamline technology for financial and professional service organizations to reduce complexity and avoid risk.


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