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Category: Managed IT Services

Year End Review

Managed Services Most Popular 2013 Posts

We hope you enjoy our most popular posts from 2013. Blog posts increased to weekly, page views nearly tripled versus last year, and the most notable referring sites were Twitter […]

2013 Technology Predictions Recap

The major news topics in technology for 2013 were NSA Prism privacy violations, floundering, and huge Twitter IPO. While some in the press deemed the year a lost one […]

Windows Server 2012 Logo

Windows Server 2012 R2 Upgrade Tips

Many remote users and system admins are also clamoring for the Start button in Windows Server 2012 R2, the next version of Windows Server 2012. Here is a quick run down of […]

Windows 8.1 Logo

Windows 8.1 Straight Scoop

Forget the hype and varying opinions. We’ve already upgraded internally and with a few key customers. The following is the straight scoop on Windows 8.1: It’s an upgrade. You won’t […]

Tulsa Regional Chamber

Tinkel Retires from Tulsa Chamber

Linda Tinkel’s last day of a 35 year career at the Tulsa Regional Chamber was Monday September 30, 2013. Matrixforce started working with Linda at the Chamber in 1997, implementing a 16 […]

Tax Funnel

Tax Deductible Managed Services

We’re not accountants, but medium business clients we support often fall into the dreaded 39% corporate tax rate with taxable income of $100,000 to $335,000. Just like middle-class individuals, medium-sized businesses pay an […]

Microsoft Fix It

Outlook 2013 Folder Pane Blank Fix

If you came to work today and your Outlook folder pane is blank, then Microsoft Updates have been applied from the standard first Tuesday of the month schedule. You can […]

Microsoft Corporate Buyback Logo

Quiet Success of Microsoft Buyback

There are tons of articles slamming Microsoft for not being able to sell the Surface or Windows Phone. However, while Surface commercials make iPad seem ridiculous for not being able to […]

Windows 8 Logo

Quickly Activating Windows 8

A common question we get is how to get Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 activated. If you were never asked to activate by your device or the activation fails, then […]

Exchange Server Logo

Resolve Winmail.dat Complaints

When you send an e-mail to some external recipients, do they report the inability to open messages or missing attachments replaced with Winmail.dat? The reason is because that recipient is using […]

Exchange Server Logo

Last Resort Exchange Recovery

Until recent years, most small and medium-sized businesses had their own Exchange Server. However, most don’t have the money for a redundant server out-of-state. Further, Exchange Service Packs and other required […]

Problem Steps Recorder

Use The Problem Steps Recorder

A print screen or some dialog cutout with the Snippet Tool provides a clue for troubleshooting. However, there is usually more to the problem and most people aren’t aware of the Problem […]

Windows Key

Top 20 Windows Shortcut Keys

No one wants to go slower. The new touch interfaces in Windows 8 are easy to navigate, but don’t forget about the Windows Key (Winkey). Just like right-click is still often […]