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Office 365 Dramatically Increases Storage

Office 365 LogoFor no extra charge, Microsoft has doubled mailbox size to 50GB and tripled SkyDrive storage to 25GB. The new capacities will be gradually rolled-out to Office 365 customers worldwide through November.

Customers on all standard and premium Office 365 plans will begin to see their mailboxes increase soon.  In addition, shared mailboxes are being doubled to 10GB and even limited use Kiosk mailboxes are doubling 2GB.

This announcement comes just after Microsoft increased SkyDrive storage from the previous 7GB earlier this week. The new storage capacity puts Office 365 way ahead of the current Google Apps 30GB across Drive and Gmail. Customer reaction has been extremely positive as Microsoft now has one of the most secure and cost effective options for regulation compliance, such as HIPAA.

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