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Oklahoma Customers Are Winning With Cloud Computing

Streamline Your Technology ImageThe heat index will average 108 degrees for the next several weeks. Another 3.4 earthquake will rumble across the state tomorrow. Rivers and lakes are at an all time high.

Meanwhile, business churns forward. Even though the price of oil has fallen below $50 per barrel, Oklahoma sales tax for the first half of June 2015 is barely down .008% versus last year. Despite the seeming chaos, we simply have more information about the world than ever before. Oklahomans are succeeding by being more resilient and diversified using innovation and tenacity.

Thank You. That’s why we would like to thank the thousands of Matrixforce customers and congratulate them for savvy and foresight. On July 14, 2015, Matrixforce was named as the South Central Area Partner of the Year by Microsoft’s US Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Champions Club. Here’s what we did to win:

  • Provisioned over 25,000 online subscribers with better security, more productivity features, and an average savings of over 34% versus on-premise solutions.
  • Published 100 blog posts, 50 knowledgebase articles, and dozens of graphics and videos to answer questions about the cloud.
  • Presented quarterly Experience the Possible sessions for executive and non-IT staff continuing professional education.
  • Demonstrated new ways of doing business in special events with the Tulsa Chamber, Innotech, OSCPA, OBA, and Tulsa ALA.

Inspiration. There will be a formal US SMB Champions Club Award press release soon. Microsoft has a great story and all of our customers are our inspiration. We hope that we can provide an example and empower you.

The South Central Region consists of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas with over 8,000 Microsoft Partner organizations. The city of Dallas alone does 5x the industry of the whole state of Oklahoma. A few Texas partners did more revenue, but didn’t have the customer outreach or year over year growth in revenue.

According to MPN and Pinpoint, only 6,500 Microsoft Partners worldwide (out of approximately 440,000) conduct business on Microsoft Azure. Local or regional datacenters simply cannot offer the global hyper-scale capacity and security for a competitive price. Unfortunately, millions of Oklahoma customers are still at risk because virtually every other local service provider uses a legacy on-premise model for their offerings and internal operations.

Business disruption and transformation are over used terms, but we’ve worked hard so that Oklahoma customers can win in the cloud. We definitely intend on doing even more next year to help you streamline your technology. Remember that everyone has the opportunity to emerge from underdog to contender. Go big or go home.

[Note: Matrixforce is an independent Oklahoma C Corporation. Matrixforce has neither a partnership, nor an alliance with Microsoft. There were six category award winners per region.]

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