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Windows Intune Overview

Windows IntuneLet’s face it, security is not sexy. Fear doesn’t sell and someone built that network and has very strong reactions to any suggestions of vulnerability. For most IT departments, it’s a struggle just to service the needs of users. Monitoring and updating systems is a distant last after the next 2 dozen things that are infinitely more fun and supposedly important. The problem is that everyone is struggling with the same issue: users are often more mobile and not getting back to log into the network and even if you have an update system, it’s either neglected or is just another thing not being maintained.

Enter Windows Intune, cloud based PC management. You see if you add up the cost of workstations (hardware, software, support, and training) you’ll come to the often startling realization that the big money isn’t in servers, storage, or related equipment. What’s more is that everyone knows that workstations are just the beginning of cost and usage challenges with the addition of tablets and smartphones. So Windows Intune offers a device client and cloud portal. In a nutshell for $11 per month, Intune includes the following:

  1. Forefront Endpoint Protection anti-virus client.
  2. Security update and software distribution policy enforced anytime users are connected to the web, including those pesky Adobe and Java updates.
  3. Built-in remote assistance for end-users regardless where they are located.
  4. Mobile device PIN security and wipe capability for Windows, Android, and Apple.
  5. Hardware and software asset tracking
  6. Upgrade protection for the next Windows OS

Your gut reaction may be that the price seems high. However, just add up the cost for a new Windows OS, much less the systems for remote assistance, updating, anti-virus, asset tracking, and mobile administration. As usual, you heard it here first. Contact us about a demo or try a Windows Intune free trial for 30 days.

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