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Heartbleed Reality

HeartbleedLet’s clear the confusion as our phone lines and inboxes are being flooded with questions – and as usual most public information is either just plain wrong or greatly exaggerated by the press:

  1. Heartbleed is a critical vulnerability for open source platforms running Linux/Unix and the OpenSSL service. Despite the recent hysteria, this vulnerability is nearly two years old.
  2. Microsoft Windows, Office 365, and Azure use schannel technology and are not impacted by Heartbleed.
  3. You should change your password for Open Source services such as Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook.
  4. If you use the same password for everything, stop doing that and change your passwords for everything. You should have different passwords for work, home, financial, and social services.
  5. Administrators running OpenSSL should apply patches, reset root passwords, and re-issue certificates.

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