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Customer Service Philosophy to Answer the Phone Live

Relentless Pursuit

Customer service is something you have to demonstrate, which is why we switched to answering the phones live this year. There are definitely increased costs, but those are far outweighed by a better customer experience. Very few managed service providers answer the phone live. The small ones can’t afford it and the large ones want to portray the persona of an international conglomerate.

Rather than the shotgun approach of serving consumers to mega corporations, Matrixforce specializes in streamlining technology for medium business customers in professional service and financial sectors. Our customer service philosophy is:

  1. Sharing specialized expertise
  2. Assuming the risk for customers
  3. Treating people with courtesy and respect

Since 2009, we’ve posted over 500 hundred blog posts, knowledgebase articles, and videos to empower customers. Recent examples include Rethink Your Strategy with Windows 10 which describes how this is Microsoft’s last operating system. In stark contrast, no other competitor publishes a blog that is not a paid service or provides free and easy access to online information.

Technology and change are scary. Add unknown characters with questionable motives and you’ve got added worries. We feel the only way to prove our worth is to give away some expertise, so you get to know us and decide if you like our approach. Further, we assume unanticipated risk with flat cost services and no one is compensated for sales of product or billable hours. Products are commodities and no reputable service provider pays or bills by the hour.

Asking you to suffer through some blustering marketing message and then listen for new menu options to just be dumped into voice mail simply shows disregard. When you want advice or need help with a technical issue, you want to speak to a person and not wonder if the message was received or will be returned. Each call to us is answered by a cheerful voice, logged for customer relationship management, and routed to the appropriate party. We can’t promise you’ll never get a voice mail, but you certainly won’t get frustratingly stuck in an automated system.

We all need the human touch.

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