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Don’t Tread on Our Trademarks

Legal ImageOut of approximately 40,000 Managed Service Providers in the United States, only 25% are profitable. The main reason is the lack of business acumen and the corresponding inability to offer anything of real value to customers. Being only technically minded, most competitors simply parrot their peers or what vendors tell them. Their websites are generally blue with garish graphics about  purchased awards and plenty of capability bluster. Anything another provider says, they can do that too often using the exact phrases and wording.

The problem is that most competitors really can’t do it all, but placate customers to focus on business while they handle technology. Unlike the competition, we have no desire to do it all when it comes to technology (which is not possible anyway). We’ve worked hard over the past 35 years to develop specialties and intellectual property that brings unique and high value to our medium business customers in select industries.

The Matrixforce name, mission, taglinemethodology, and IT services are all legally protected. We aggressively defend our brand and have been successful in having Facebook, Google+, and YouTube remove infringing content. If there is any confusion for customers we will:

  1. Notify the offending party of trademark violation.
  2. Demand cease and desist use of the violation.
  3. Identify the trademark, continual use for commerce, and the confusion for customers and the general public.
  4. List the confusion with the specific URL(s) with any reported incidents and timeframe of customer confusion.
  5. Require signed acknowledgement of cessation of infringement within 7 days of notice.
  6. Failure to comply will incur a one-time license fee per month of $3,279 per mark incident usage until ceased.

Matrixforce also reserves the right to file a lawsuit to seek: (1) preliminary and permanent injunctions; (2) actual monetary damages; (3) disgorging of any profits realized through your use of our trademarks; (4) reimbursement of attorney’s fees required to prosecute a lawsuit; and (5) monetary damages for damage to Matrixforce goodwill in the market.

We are the people that streamline your technology. Eliminating complexity and increasing productivity has an obvious and powerful effect on moving business forward. Other providers may try to say they do the same thing, but they are playing a risky infringement game and usually give their true motivations away by hawking an abundance of purposefully mismatched hardware and software.

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