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Streamline: 7 Impactful Reasons for Your Empowerment

Empowering PossibilitiesPope Francis can knock capitalism, but without it most of us wouldn’t survive – much less prosper. However, any business that doesn’t have something to offer for a better world is just profiting on greed or misery. The technology industry is as competitive as any other, fueled by behemoths like Google peddling hope of recognition for advertising sales. While customers may have access to more business and technology information than ever, much of the web remains irrelevant clutter or atrocious exhibition.

By 2009, the chaos was out of hand with startup brochure sites outranking established technology firms. Worse yet, blatantly erroneous prescriptive guidance littered the web. Credibility was lacking and customers were outright being duped. That’s when we launched our Streamline blog. This is our principled approach turned into commitment and why you should subscribe to Streamline:

  1. Transparent Agenda. Customer outreach is our main goal in helping people ride the massive wave of technology change. The more answers we can provide simply displays prowess, while helping your understanding. Use the knowledge freely provided here to transform your business.
  2. Exclusive Audience. The material provided is solely intended for management and staff of mid-sized businesses who struggle with the complexity of technology and want to achieve more. This is not a technology news or product review blog for information technology professionals.
  3. Authentic Authority. The weekly content is written by CEO Kevin Fream with contributing ideas from customers, Matrixforce staff, and the chaotic technology industry. Enjoy unusual business and technology perspective with personality, edge, and humor.
  4. Syndication Counterpoint. Each post is original with a published date, prominent author, distinctive title, attractive graphic, uncommon details, and attributable source. Read a story. Learn an unknown concept. Develop a new strategy.
  5. Advertising Free. Streamline is unsponsored without affiliates, advertising, commercials, or popups. All articles are provided without tracking or requiring any registration.
  6. Seminal Moments. Anchor your interest and ambition. Leverage inspiration and tear down misconceptions as every industry is being reborn. One key takeaway may influence your motivation and future possibilities.
  7. Individual Disruption. There is a massive skills gap as the pace of change in the world only continues to accelerate. Embrace disruptive processes and technology to become rewarded for innovation or risk becoming irrelevant.

We challenge you to find any other blog with such devotion and longevity, tailored specifically to helping mid-sized business. All customers are invited to subscribe to Steamline as a direct channel of communication with you. We are truly grateful and inspired by you.

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