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Streamline Most Popular Posts of 2015

In 2015, we experimented with various content approaches like expanded lists and longer posts. Page views increased 38% over 2014 with a 12% increase in visitors.  The top referring sites were LinkedIn, Facebook,,, and Reddit. Here’s the top 10 most popular posts from 2015:

  1. Does Your Website Show Customers That You Are Serious About Security? (February 2015) – Encrypted websites using HTTPS would get a slight ranking boost in Google search results for being more secure and trustworthy.
  2. Incompatible Office Products Are Installed on Your Machine (March 2015) – This problem is generally caused by an update to OneDrive, especially if you previously had SkyDrive installed or installed the standalone OneDrive separate from your copy of Office.
  3. CryptoLocker Prevention: Top 12 Defenses Against Business Loss (March 2015) – Despite worldwide publicity concerning the staggering business loss from CryptoLocker (or other variants), few organizations have taken precautions to protect themselves.
  4. What a Modern Disaster Recovery Plan Looks Like (March 2015) – Modern disaster recovery looks nothing like the daunting 300 page manuals of just a few years ago.
  5. DirSync Explained (March 2015) – To save confusion and increase productivity, many customers want the same password for local networks and the cloud.
  6. Azure Top 10 Important Buying Tips (April 2015) – Insight for customers to avoid pitfalls and better understand how to leverage this technology.
  7. Office 365 Roadmap: Know What’s Coming (April 2015) – Nothing has been mentioned by the press about the unprecedented speed of new features offered or the frequent open communication.
  8. 10 Promises Managed Services Customers Should Demand Quarterly (May 2015) – The underlying critical aspect of managed services is providing business acumen to make informed decisions to improve the bottom line.
  9. Rethink Your Strategy With Windows 10 (July 2015) – These are the top things everyone should understand about Windows 10 strategy.
  10. Office 2016 Upgrade: Essential Things to Know (December 2015) – While Microsoft has done a good job describing features, there’s not much practical advice about the business benefits or approach.

THANK YOU for following this blog and we look forward to providing even more insight into streamlining technology and avoiding risk for 2016!

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