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Tax Deductible Managed Services

We’re not accountants, but medium business clients we support often fall into the dreaded 39% corporate tax rate with taxable income of $100,000 to $335,000. Just like middle-class individuals, medium-sized businesses pay an inordinate amount of tax. So are you taking advantage of tax-deductible managed services?

Tax FunnelIt’s gut wrenching to start to become successful and then pay 45% or more effective tax, once you include state income tax. The U.S. has one of the highest effective corporate tax rates in the world. However, big corporations can take advantage of foreign subsidiaries and other loop holes to often pay 15% tax or less. All the while, the millions or so spent on tax avoidance to legal or financial professionals are tax-deductible and far less than the designated corporate tax rate.

The only way to lower your corporate tax bill is to lower your taxable income. It makes no sense to buy managers company BMWs. You want to have regular and necessary expenses that are not only tax-deductible, but good for shareholders and customers.

Guardian Managed Services allow our clients to:

  1. Implement a safety-net for disaster recovery with a System Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, and real-time alerting and monitoring.
  2. Devise a technology forecast and strategy for a 5 year plan, based upon life cycle analysis and technology experts instead of the latest fads from product-motivated resellers.
  3. Unburden technology staff of mundane maintenance and add critical monitoring.
  4. Streamline operations and increase productivity with technologies such as online services or content marketing.

Our board often reminds us that it’s the American way to become prosperous and pay more tax, but we wanted to remind you that our professional services are tax-deductible and to contact us if you’re looking to move your organization to the next level. As with any financial matters, always consult your tax professional.

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