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Online Backup

Why Snapshots Are Not Backups

You are likely one of those too. You want terabytes of data accessible anywhere on any device. The same is true of your most critical applications. If you inadvertently delete […]

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7 Things We Don’t Do

There are so many organizations offering IT services that customers often have a difficult time finding the right fit for their business. We think it’s important to identify your likes […]

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Equallogic Firmware Upgrade 2013

So it’s time again. Usually, once per year you should update your Dell Equallogic SAN firmware. Unlike competing manufacturers, annual Dell Equallogic maintenance doesn’t double each year and covers not only parts […]

Popular 2012 Posts

Thank you again for a prosperous 2012. A lot happened in 2012 and predictably the world didn’t end. As we look forward to next year, we wanted to give a […]

Managed Serivces Year End

It’s that time of year again, when things seem to both incredibly speed up and slow down at the same time.  STOP … Take a deep breath and THINK. That […]

2012 Technology Predictions

2011 was another great year for technology with a continued explosion of smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, online backup, and managed services. The following are some intriguing possibilities for 2012: Apple failure in […]

Cloud Computing Security

This is your story for October which is National Security Month. It is based upon real events, but the events are dramatized and the names have been changed to protect […]

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Virtualization Blunders

The CFO of one of our managed services customers was captivated with the owner from a new startup competitor. She also fell for the “we’re new and hip” line. The ironic […]

Online Backup Shift

Where is that tape? Is it melting in a car or readily accessible at an employee’s house for the neighborhood bad kid to copy or swipe? Oh, you’re smarter than that […]

Social Integration

Social media is here to stay and every business must address security, reputation, and marketing. A management stance and strategy must be defined for each area. The bottom line is that […]

Technology Tax

Whether you have a full-blown audit or simply get profit and loss information for the accountant, it’s time to reflect on last year and seek advice going forward. You’ll look […]

Better Recovery

It’s the typical Nolan Growth Model. You start out with RAID 5 and tape. Then you graduate to encapsulation with applications and data spread across several servers, but often it […]

Essential Virtualization Tips

Server virtualization means converting physical servers into logical ones and running on less hardware. The concept is simple: use less energy, buy less server hardware, AND gain stability and reliability.  It’s […]

Technology Vendor Selection

Who’s the greatest? Muhammad Ali of course. So why do most vendors seemingly have the same bluster? In the technology industry, you better believe your own story, but there are […]

Mailbox Upgrade

Microsoft Exchange 2010 was released last month. If you’re still running Exchange 2003, this would be a good time to break that old arbitrary rule about always staying one version […]

Channel Changes

Every so often the whole technology industry changes and 2010 will be one of those years. If you are responsible for purchasing or evaluating technology products or services, much of […]