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7 Things We Don’t Do

7 Things ImageThere are so many organizations offering IT services that customers often have a difficult time finding the right fit for their business. We think it’s important to identify your likes and dislikes upfront and we’ve put together a list of 7 things we don’t do:

  1. Bill hourly. Monthly support is a flat cost for unlimited incidents. New projects are also flat cost. This approach means we take on the risk for customers of unexpected issues or additional time. We are also motivated to proactively eliminate problems rather than sticking around to bill more time.
  2. Make our money on products. We are specialists in offering managed services and none of our staff are compensated on the sale of any hardware or software. Only specific set of products are sold and we work with you to get the best price for commodity items.
  3. Work with everyone. Our customers are midsized professional service, financial, industry, or institutional organizations. Midsized businesses have 30 or more employees or at least $5M in annual revenues. These companies generally have too much technology or are struggling with growth and looking for an established partner and a long-term relationship.
  4. Do it all. We leverage Microsoft expertise to do 3 things: managed services, cloud computing, and online backup. Contractors are recommended for cabling and phone systems. Application development and accounting implementation should be provided by specifically qualified vendors.
  5. Consulting. Our Delta methodology has been used to implement solutions in over 3,500 projects. True consultants should represent a Professional Services Corporation with a commensurate 35% federal tax rate.
  6. Maintain like new. At some point, all products reach end of life and can no longer be supported. Regular updates, monitoring, and error removal is key. However, maintaining unsupported hardware or software is simply detrimental to your business in low productivity, dismal staff training and morale, and poor customer perception.
  7. Tell you to focus on business and let us handle technology. We uniquely help you streamline your technology and actively work with you to manage technology. Just like you would never abdicate review of your sales or financials, technology is your number 4 business expense and cannot simply be ignored.

If streamlining technology is a philosophy you want to embrace, contact us for a discussion about your business needs.

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