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OneDrive for Business Banner

OneDrive for Business Explained

  What is OneDrive for Business? OneDrive for Business is intended to replace your user folder on your network, while offering easier sharing, better search and file management, and more security. […]

CRM 2015 Update

CRM 2015 Update Highlights

  The CRM Online 2015 Update will be live on 12/4/2014. While minor updates are automatically applied for customers, major upgrades like CRM Online 2015 must be approved by the administrator. […]

Microsoft Store Tulsa

Microsoft Store Opens in Tulsa

The second Microsoft store in Oklahoma opens at Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa on Wednesday November 20, 2014 at 11am. Microsoft has had a kiosk in the mall since October 2012. The company plans […]

Shields Up

Top 5 Active Directory Best Practices

Prescriptive guidance about Active Directory hasn’t generally been updated since the January 21, 2005 TechNet Active Directory Best Practices article. Some of the legacy information no longer applies, but we see many of the basics being […]

Online Backup

Why Snapshots Are Not Backups

You are likely one of those too. You want terabytes of data accessible anywhere on any device. The same is true of your most critical applications. If you inadvertently delete […]

Apple iCloud Logo

How to Disable Apple iCloud

According to industry experts, Apple is 10 years behind in security. currently asks “What will your verse be?” on the home page in the wake of a huge security […]

Internet Explorer Logo

Internet Explorer Recommended for Business

For the best user experience on any Windows platform, Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for business. Unless you are a web developer or search engine marketer, multiple browsers simply […]

RAID 5 Illustration

Recommended Server RAID Configuration

There are only two goals when configuring server disks: risk avoidance and best performance. Regardless of usage or application, some best practices are universal. Risk Avoidance Separate system and data. Discrete containers for the […]

Office 365 Logo

Cheapest Way to Buy Microsoft Office

One of the more common requests we get are for quotes on Microsoft Office. The usual reasons are: Our version of Office is no longer supported or doesn’t work with other software […]

WWW Graphic

What Is Your Website Platform?

As the Internet churns forward at warp speed, it’s even more important to understand what technology is used for your website. We recently updated our website and published managed services […]

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 Web Licensing

Before Windows Server 2012, there was an actual Windows Web Server 2008 edition. For years, many people mistakenly thought you had to license web users when running a Windows web […]

Quickbooks Logo

QuickBooks 3 Year Lifecycle Support

Starting April 2010, Intuit implemented a new QuickBooks Service Discontinuation Plan. While older versions may continue to function, the issue is protecting the security and privacy of customer financial information with […]

Managed Services

Managed Services First Bootstrap Website

77% of mobile searches are in a location where a PC is available, according to the Google 2013 Mobile Search Study. Amazingly, most of the technology industry (including Apple) has not […]

Technology Grousing Virus

5 Tips to Eliminate Technology Grousing

Allowing staff to grouse about technology is terrible for business. Fish smells from the head down and excessive employee technology complaints and grumbling are a growing cancer of poor morale and awful customer […]

7 Things Image

7 Things We Don’t Do

There are so many organizations offering IT services that customers often have a difficult time finding the right fit for their business. We think it’s important to identify your likes […]