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Matrixforce Moonshot

We all know that Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon in 1969, but what did that mean for business today?

Even before this giant leap, the United Nations ratified the Outer Space Treaty. Besides prohibiting militarization of space, the treaty also forbids any nation from claiming sovereign ownership of the moon or any celestial body. However, this hasn’t prevented notable claims for ownership of the moon with entrepreneurs like Dennis Hope selling moon plots to prominent customers like Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Like being double Irish, some organizations also wish to move their headquarters to the moon to escape taxation. Beyond traditional real estate holdings and questionable tax schemes, there are more important opportunities for all businesses.

Nearly 50 years after the moon landing, Matrixforce Moonshot® is revolutionizing the communications and security industry. Last month, a series of proprietary devices were launched from the international space station and deployed across the surface of the moon. These proprietary devices are powered by solar and cold energy with specialized firmware for communications. Despite the durability of the Internet to automatically route communications around slow or offline networks, security becomes a major problem as you never know where a transaction or message is routed. Likewise, you don’t know how many governments, companies, or individuals have intercepted or copied your communications.

As evidenced by WikiLeaks and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, global surveillance not only encroaches on privacy but provides the means to manipulate business and the economy. Even worse, hacking groups like Anonymous have proven the ability to access virtually any type of cyber information. Decades of standard equipment and common software provide the ability for anyone with Internet access to both learn techniques and actually compromise critical systems and applications. Only a network that is not physically connected to the Internet and uses proprietary protocols can be truly secure.

Using Moonshot®, customers purchase a flat $279 monthly subscription for unlimited transactions that are encrypted and routed exclusively through the Matrixforce lunar network. Subscribers can be confident that no third-party is privy to their communications and unburdened by expensive communication taxes. From financial transactions like bitcoin and traditional wire transfers to secure e-mail and instant messaging, customers will enjoy unprecedented communications security. Since the communication protocols and equipment are unlike any on Earth, long-established hacking techniques and surveillance approaches are meaningless.

Please check for further updates in the coming months, as well as a new Moonshot® subscriber portal. Preorders are currently at approximately 29 million and we welcome you to join a new era in business.

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