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Happy Thanksgiving and Gratitude from Matrixforce

When I was a child, Thanksgiving was not so much a time to give thanks as it was a time to get together with my seven cousins and wreak havoc on our grandparent’s house. The seven of us were only separated by nine years, and five of us were within two years of each other’s age.

So, as you may imagine, when we got together for four days of mayhem some of the results were about as much as the adults could tolerate. Looking back on those wonderful times I’m surprised our three sets of parents, grandpa, and grandma were able to get through the long weekend. I now know how much patience it took for each of them to remain “thankful” all of us were together, and I thank them all for allowing many of the happiest times of my childhood to occur over those magical four days.

It’s odd how the years seem to fly by faster as we age. It seems like last week we were celebrating the arrival of 2017, and now we’re preparing for the holidays and yet another new year to come. As these years zip by, though, we continually find more to be thankful for each Thanksgiving. Each year gives us something more for which to be thankful, and that’s one of the incredible things about life.

You are the Reason We’re so Thankful

At Matrixforce, we have more to be thankful for this year than at anytime during our 39 years of business.

First, and always foremost, we’re thankful for our customers. You’re the reason we’ll be celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2018. You’re the reason this year is going to be the most profitable we’ve ever experienced. You’re the reason we’ve added marketing staff and are currently looking to increase the size of our technical staff by at least 25% by year’s end.

Your continued loyalty and trust in our services are the reasons we have jobs we love and a very bright future. To the many new clients we’ve added in 2017, we want to say thank you and welcome to the family. You’ve put your technology in the best hands possible out of a saturated IT support market, and we won’t let you down.

You’re the reason our CEO, Kevin Fream, one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity experts, wrote two international Amazon best-selling books this year; Easy Prey and Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology. Your Internet reviews are the reason Kevin was invited to be a featured speaker at Harvard Business school in August, where he also received the Technology Innovator of the Year award.

You’re the reason ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox news affiliates around the county invited Kevin to appear on their news broadcasts discussing the perils of ransomware, and giving invaluable tips to avoid being a victim.

For all these reason’s we say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, I could rip out the four paragraphs above because none of it would have ever happened. Every company thanks their customers this week, but I truly believe few can say it with the sincerity we at Matrixforce say it this Thanksgiving.Streamlining Technology Book

A Free Amazon International Best-Selling Book

As mentioned earlier, because of our customers and new clients, we’re growing and plan to add to our technical staff by year’s end. A good majority of our client base has come from our fantastic customer’s referrals over the years.

We’ve always rewarded clients who refer us to companies they know could benefit from our services one way or another, but as 2017 winds down we’d like to make a special offer: Any current client who reads this blog post and refers Matrixforce to a company who could utilize our services will receive a free copy of Kevin Fream’s Amazon International best-selling book Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology. It’s a book that’s overflowing with technology tips to help business cut costs and compete in today’s high-tech, high-risk world.

And, I cannot stress enough: This is not a “give us a name and contact information and we’ll harass them for weeks” offer. After your referral has given us permission, Kevin will personally call each one and respect their time and wishes. There is nothing Matrixforce will do to harm your relationship with your referral.

Because this is the holiday season, and most people are taking time off here and there, we’ll keep this offer going until February 15th. So, if you have a customer that needs better technology support or just know a company who could use our help, please send an email to

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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