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iPhone Not Relevant

Cavemen Carry iPhones

Cavemen Carry iPhones

Apple iPhones account for nearly 35% of our help desk calls. The iPhone issues are generally:

  • Inability to connect to Exchange for business e-mail
  • Calendar sync issues
  • iTunes updates wipe all data
  • Slow reaction and regular freezes
  • Complaints about having to get a new iPhone because the warranty was inexplicably voided

Luckily, we don’t have to deal with the consumer complaints about other parts of the device, like short battery life. iPhone really didn’t become popular until 2007 when the price was dropped by nearly half and Apple finally developed a version of ActiveSync to work with Microsoft Exchange for business e-mail. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t updated it’s version of ActiveSync since 2007 even though Microsoft released Exchange 2007 and 2010 with 2012 pending. Over the past 5 years, iPhone has become less and less compatible and reliable with each new version of Exchange as shown in this Wikipedia article:

The worldwide iPhone problems have been so bad that Microsoft created a knowledgebase article outlining the issues and requiring Apple to utilize a new compliant ActiveSync version for 2013. The bottom line is switch to a Windows Phone or Droid if you depend on getting your corporate mailbox or calendar – and definitely do not buy an iPhone 5 as it has few new features and will still not be compliant with current or future mail servers.

Matrixforce derives no revenue from the sales of smartphones from any manufacturer and respects the right of customers to choose the device they see fit.

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