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Online Backup

Why Snapshots Are Not Backups

You are likely one of those too. You want terabytes of data accessible anywhere on any device. The same is true of your most critical applications. If you inadvertently delete […]

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Equallogic Firmware Upgrade 2013

So it’s time again. Usually, once per year you should update your Dell Equallogic SAN firmware. Unlike competing manufacturers, annual Dell Equallogic maintenance doesn’t double each year and covers not only parts […]

Online Backup Shift

Where is that tape? Is it melting in a car or readily accessible at an employee’s house for the neighborhood bad kid to copy or swipe? Oh, you’re smarter than that […]

Better Recovery

It’s the typical Nolan Growth Model. You start out with RAID 5 and tape. Then you graduate to encapsulation with applications and data spread across several servers, but often it […]

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