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2011 Cloudy Recap

It’s time again for Matrixforce to earnestly thank and congratulate our clients for their loyalty and business savvy. We all endured blizzards, severe storms, tornadoes, sweltering heat, and now earthquakes – with the pattern seemingly poised to start again in 2012. A matching pattern happened for the economy with deep recession to limited recovery and now flat uncertainty with the pending Presidential election. 2011 was defined by 3 key trends:

  1. Cloud Computing doubled over last year making Matrixforce one of the world’s leading cloud providers. It takes a user base of more than 5,000 users before cloud computing is a viable business, but this model showcases our business productivity expertise beyond just technology infrastructure and offers a win-win for lower cost for us and clients. Our Matrixforce Orbit clients have escaped the upgrades, maintenance, and backup and recovery of critical communications and key data for an average of 50% savings versus on-premise infrastructure. Start a free 30 day trial today.
  2. Online Backup also increased several nearly three-fold versus last year as clients scrambled to get critical data offsite for less cost and better security. Organizations no longer need a secondary site for failover with the dual maintenance, cost, and risk. Maybe it’s time to review your specific needs?
  3. Managed Services again grew nearly 25% this year as some clients decided to take control of IT and others decided to give existing IT staff much-needed help. The first group enjoyed an average 46% savings over existing support and the latter enjoyed a win/win of reducing cost and having internal IT staff focus on brain work of helping move the organization forward with more time for end-user customer service. Unlike other competitors, these clients enjoy a 34 year firm history of providing some of the world’s leading IT strategy and consulting along with Matrixforce Delta proprietary methodology resulting in over 3,000 successful client projects.

2012 looks to be more of the same as customers continue to look for savings in operations. Please contact Matrixforce at (918) 622-1167 Option 3 or to schedule a meeting and demo to review your specific savings.

Finally, no recap would be complete without review of last year’s predictions. Looking back now, maybe these were fairly safe:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 did add more than 15 million users.
  2. Google Apps only added approximately 7 million.
  3. Verizon hasn’t quite caught AT&T with iPhone sales, but competition, new feature mis-steps, and the death of Steve Jobs may stall sales next year.
  4. Droid is still comfortably number 2, but even with a big increase Windows Phone 7 has only approximately 17% market share.
  5. RIMM did not decommission proprietary Blackberry messaging in favor of Microsoft ActiveSync and its stock is now below book value with the future looking increasingly bleak.
  6. VMWare still holds 58% of the virtualization market, but anger over new licensing prices may tip the scales to Microsoft Hpyer-V next year.
  7. It’s official. Flash is dead and Windows 8 will only support HTML 5.
  8. Droid has suffered a great deal with malware and more virus scanners for iPhone/iPad seem to be released daily.
  9. It seemed obvious, but neither Apple or Google have moved on the gaming front.
  10. Just go to Dell and you’ll see Windows 7 x64 is the default for workstation operating systems.

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