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Avoid Office 365 P1

Office 365 LogoSince 2008, Matrixforce has helped customers move to the cloud with Office 365. We’ve helped organizations with as few as 5 users and organizations with over a thousand users with a la cart and enterprise plans. Each of these options offers cost-effective productivity and flexibility to help move business forward.

However, the Office 365 P1 subscription should be avoided at all costs by any individual or customer because of the limitations:

  1. There is no way to move from P1 to any other plan without exporting all of your data, removing associated domains, deleted the P1 subscription, creating a new E series or other subscription, and importing your data. For all other plans, you simply purchase and assign new licenses without such hassle.
  2. P1 subscription has a hard limit of 50 users.
  3. SharePoint is limited to 1 site collection and you cannot purchase additional storage.
  4. Users cannot have their own mysite.
  5. P1 subscribers are unable to edit transport rules such as corporate disclaimers.
  6. P1 subscribers cannot administer anti-virus or anti-spam rules.
  7. P1 subscribers are limited to only 25 users for Lync meetings.
  8. P1 subscribers cannot submit online support requests to Microsoft.

For the nominal difference in cost versus other plans, the restrictions are too great and Office 365 P1 for Small Business or Professionals should always be avoided. The better option is to try an Office 365 E3 trial free for 30 days. You can demo all of the features and then purchase whatever subscription you choose at the end of the trial without starting over.

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