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Matrixforce Leaves Facebook and Google Plus

Spaceship Leaving

We recently deleted all previous posts from our Facebook and Google Plus business pages. We’re not disgruntled with Facebook or Google Plus, but feel that:

  1. Our target customers are not searching for our offerings on Facebook or Google Plus. Further, we have very little control of how our posts are filtered and indexed.
  2. We’re not providing any unique content separate from other platforms like LinkedIn and that’s not helping anyone.
  3. The Matrixforce brand is likely getting hurt as we have few Facebook likes and Google Plus friends, but have thousands of followers and hundreds of daily views on our Streamline blog.

We are leaving our Facebook and Google Plus business pages published to protect our trademark and prevent confusion in the marketplace. Other entities have previously tried to infringe on our brand and both Facebook and Google corrected the violations.

Many of our staff continue to be active on Facebook and Google Plus personally and we’d like to thank the Facebook and Google staff for the many years of support.

Each social media platform has a different approach, so you really should post content that is compelling and unique for that medium. If you want to know how to streamline your technology, you can follow us on Twitter and see our videos on YouTube.

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