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How to Disable Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud LogoAccording to industry experts, Apple is 10 years behind in security. currently asks “What will your verse be?” on the home page in the wake of a huge security breach. The rise in popularity of Apple products in the last 5-7 years has primarily been centered around music, so it should not be a surprise that the Apple iCloud has serious security vulnerabilities.

Unlike Microsoft or Google, Apple iWork is still in beta and has achieved none of the high compliance standards required for commercial use or proven years of safe productivity across for millions of users in the cloud. To help protect business users who may be using Apple devices, the following steps outline how to disable Apple iCloud:

  1. Be sure to have photos saved on your PC or another storage device first.
  2. Go to either the Photo Stream tab in your photo gallery in iOS or the Photo Stream option in iPhoto on Mac OS to view existing photos in Photo Stream. Here you can manually delete existing individual photos or whole albums.
  3. Then go to the settings menu on your iPhone or iPad (‘System Preference’ on Mac OS)
  4. Open the ‘iCloud’ category
  5. Switch off Photo Stream (which automatically uploads photos to iCloud)
  6. Repeat this on all your Apple devices

To be fair, Apple does offer Two Factor Authentication like other major providers. However, Apple continues to be very new at online services and Apple iCloud has been reported to be unsafe by local news stations.

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