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Macintosh 1984

Apple April Fools

On April Fool’s Day, 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the Apple I computer and started Apple Computers. Eight years later in 1984, the Apple Macintosh (Mac) was released. The […]

2013 Technology Predictions Recap

The major news topics in technology for 2013 were NSA Prism privacy violations, floundering, and huge Twitter IPO. While some in the press deemed the year a lost one […]

Windows 8 Logo

5 Reasons Windows 8 Succeeds

So the trade rags are all in a flutter as they get back to their comfort zone of bludgeoning Microsoft over claims that Windows 8 has worse adoption than Vista […]

Technology Foresight 2013

Technology Foresight 2013

It seemed like 2012 was just all about the Presidential Election. While the world waited for the outcome, the technology industry of course didn’t slow down. The following predictions are a […]

Popular 2012 Posts

Thank you again for a prosperous 2012. A lot happened in 2012 and predictably the world didn’t end. As we look forward to next year, we wanted to give a […]

Apple Decline Image

Apple Decline

The owner was a brilliant engineer and his firm was quite prosperous. He had nearly one hundred gigabytes of e-mail on a Windows 7 notebook using solid state disk (SSD) and various […]

Shields Up

Firewall On

Unless you’re from the East or West coast, many people grew up not locking their doors. In lots of rural areas around the nation, there is still some of that […]

Cavemen Carry iPhones

iPhone Not Relevant

Apple iPhones account for nearly 35% of our help desk calls. The iPhone issues are generally: Inability to connect to Exchange for business e-mail Calendar sync issues iTunes updates wipe all […]

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