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Microsoft Customer Experience for Accountants

Day In The Life of the FutureVal Steed of K2 and Kevin Fream of Matrixforce present an exclusive event for members of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs on November 19, 2014 12:30PM – 4:00PM representing 4 hours of CPE.

NOTE: If you represent any other business association with 10 members having more than 30 employees each, Matrixforce can provide this event for your organization. Contact us and ask about scheduling the Microsoft Customer Experience event.

From Val –

It requires a very rare set of circumstances for me to write to you like this.  I would like to make you aware of a very unique CPE opportunity that may never happen in your area again.   The Oklahoma Society of CPAs, in partnership with Microsoft has scheduled a four-hour CPE, hands-on, training session.  This class is limited to 10 people per session so only 10 people can attend this event.  If I were a salesperson, I would blast this email with the phrase “limited number!” which is actually true in this case.

Office 2013 Professional License Raffle

At the end of the session one full Office 2013 Professional license will be given away so you have 1 in 10 chances of winning a $350 value.

Why is this training so unique?

Each person is provided with their own touch-based laptop system that is pre-installed with all the key software and Internet tools.  Each system also headset attached for video and audio conferencing.  The session will be taught using Office 2013 and Windows 8.1 Update.  You will be given a login name and password and you use that persona during the session.  This session is being held in the beautiful Microsoft Office in Tulsa, OK.  This is a very unique opportunity to attend training at a real Microsoft training center.

Hands on training?

 Yes, this is real hands-on training with new touch laptop systems running Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.  We at K2 Enterprises, wrote the course curriculum so it will NOT be “salesy”. We also designed the content to allow time for you to recreate as many examples as you can and converse with others in the room using powerful new tools such as Microsoft Lync. Matrixforce will also be on hand as one of Microsoft’s top national cloud partners to answer real-world deployment questions.

What will I learn in four hours?

  • The benefits, costs and key features of Office 365 – Is Office 365 a real option for my company or not?
  • The key features of Office 2013 for accountants with emphasis on Excel 2013 –  Is there reason to upgrade or not?
  • You will learn how to use a very powerful communication tool called Lync.  Lync alone is worth the time and money to learn and use.  I have never met anyone that does not love using Lync once they understand what it can do for them and their company or firm.
  • Learn how to run a touch-based laptop system.

Why does this four hour CPE event cost more?

Simple – we can only have 10 people per session so we have to increase the price over our standard CPE pricing model.  I can guarantee you that both K2 Enterprises and the Oklahoma Society of CPAs are running this near or at our breakeven point.  Both organizations are doing this because Microsoft has agreed to provide the lab and training center at no cost to us and we really want this event for the folks in Oklahoma that have supported our regular CPE events over the years.

OSCPA Registration Website:

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