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Office 365 Users Unable to Log On with Multi-Factor Authentication

At approximately 10:30 PM CDT on November 18, 2018, Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication services went down preventing users with this vital security service from being able to sign on. Microsoft reports a hot-fix being rolled out, but states it could take some time with updates published hourly at the Office 365 Service Health Status.

Nothing has been publicized by main-stream media, but harsh criticism has been posted by The Inquirer, Computer Business Review, and TechCrunch. Of those only The Inquirer uses Office 365 and the other two appear to be paid advertising by Mimecast.

As streamlining technology is about avoiding risks, we purposefully don’t implemented updates or changes over a weekend or holiday so revenues aren’t lost and users don’t go looking for pitchforks and torches.

MO165510 – Unable to sign in to Microsoft 365 services

Status: Service degradation
User impact: Affected users may be unable to sign in using Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA).

Latest message: Title: Unable to sign in to Microsoft 365 services

User Impact: Affected users may be unable to sign in using Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA).

More info: Users may also be unable to carry out self-service password resets.

Current status: We’re continuing to investigate data to understand why users are no longer receiving prompts via the app.

Scope of impact: Impact may be experienced by users accessing Office 365 services via Multi-Factor Authentication.

Start time: Monday, November 19, 2018, at 4:39 AM UTC

Next update by: Monday, November 19, 2018, at 6:00 PM UTC

2018-11-19 17:02 (UTC)
Start time:
2018-11-19 04:39 (UTC)


Microsoft has a 99.99% uptime (or approximately 45 minutes of downtime per month) Service Level Agreement with all cloud customers and is historically reliable as shown at the Office 365 Operations Trust Center.

Matrixforce is a direct Cloud Solution Provider with Microsoft and will publish any necessary customer action upon official notification from Microsoft.

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