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Remove Dreaded CRM Customer Portal

 CRM Dynamics LogoTo prevent upgrade failure and postponement with the CRM Online Fall 2013 upgrade, you must remove any old JavaScript code from CRM Online 2011. One of the biggest offenders is the much maligned Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 by Microsoft Dynamics Labs. Although it was free, setup was mysterious and usage unbearably slow. Further, the solution replaced views throughout and crippled some existing functions.

These instructions will help you remove these problematic bits:

        1. Make sure you’re logged into CRM Online as the owner administrator account that installed the Customer Portal solution.
        2. Click Content Management, then Customer Portal, Website tab, and finally Delete.
        3. Click Settings, SolutionsMicrosoftXmCustomerPortal, and then Delete from the ribbon menu.

The next time you log into CRM, the Content Management section will be removed if you had no other content. It seems most of your default views are restored. Separately, you can now delete or re-task the associated virtual web server in Azure.

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