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Windows 8.1 Straight Scoop

Windows 8.1 LogoForget the hype and varying opinions. We’ve already upgraded internally and with a few key customers. The following is the straight scoop on Windows 8.1:

  1. It’s an upgrade. You won’t get Windows 8.1 like a service pack from Microsoft Updates.
  2. Start button and Internet Explorer 11 are the key new features. The Start menu is now easier to customize and Surface RT users get Outlook added.
  3. Most Windows 8 users will download the free upgrade from the Store app. Run updates if Windows 8.1 is not the first prominent tile displayed. Windows 8 Enterprise customers must download an ISO image.
  4. Windows 7 or older users must use the upgrade advisor. This utility will check the Windows 8.1 system requirements and allow you to buy and install the $199 upgrade. You will get a fresh desktop and may need to reinstall applications.
  5. Upgrades take approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. Afterwards, Windows 8 users are prompted to make any changes to personalization colors and will notice an updated lock screen picture.

As always, have a backup and these tips are not meant to prevent or cure any disease.

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