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SharePoint Online Breadcrumb Alternative

SharePoint Online LogoBreadcrumb navigation in SharePoint Online 2013 is gone. Despite the numerous dis-information articles on the web that tell you to edit the master page, that trick only works for the on premise version of SharePoint 2013. The only real out-of-the-box alternative at present is to enable the tree view for the site.

Then if your document library uses folders, you can expand the document library folder list on the left. This alternative takes an extra click or two, but does allow you to visually see your path and quickly move to other folders.

To enable tree view for a site:

  1. Click the gear symbol in the upper right next to the displayed sign-in name.
  2. Click Site settings from the pulldown list.
  3. Under Look and Feel, click Tree View.
  4. Click the Enable Tree View box and OK.

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  1. We attempted to address the breadcrumb issue along with the other navigation related challenges in SharePoint. Ended up creating FlyView for SharePoint (2007/10/13 & Online), a Google Chrome and FireFox browser extension that generates a dynamic SharePoint menu on the fly with breadcrumb visible at the top. Google Chrome store link, FireFox link and product page …. Hope it will help the broader SharePoint community and users. IE plugin is also ready but we are not satisfied with the build quality, the main challenge is IE’s complicated and restrictive plugin-architecture, we are working on the workarounds.

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