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Noteworthy LinkedIn Company Updates

Are your LinkedIn Company Updates noteworthy? For many small and medium businesses, this is a tough question. Your competition is posting and so are your customers. However, are you just adding more spam to the world? Better yet, are you giving a good impression LinkedIn Logoto customers and prospects?

Noteworthy – worthy of notice or attention, notable, or remarkable.

The mechanics of a good company update are fairly simple:

  1. Unique headline
  2. Link to compelling content
  3. Image or rich media like an infograph or video

Google that title or blurb and you’ll know if it’s the same drivel that’s been heard from a dozen other sources or really something unique. Generally, the link should be to a post on your blog or media site that contains an inviting featured image. Alternatively, you can post a compelling title from media on YouTube or SlideShare.

If your organization doesn’t have one, then it’s time to get a blog. A blog let’s you answer customers questions that they need to make buying decisions. More importantly, you have a notable message and avoid some common LinkedIn Company Update mistakes:

  • Happy Friday!
  • Greetings from your friends
  • Get to know your team
  • Did you know we provide …
  • There’s lots going on at XYZ, Inc.
  • ABC Corp is in the top list of …
  • Sponsor of some event
  • Have you checked out our website lately?
  • Check out this product
  • Just finished another …
  • Solid quarter revenue performance

All of the above are either desperate, mundane, or outright brags. If everyone can say it or the default response is “good for you” or “so what”, then you aren’t posting anything interesting and it’s all about you and not your customers.

It’s OK to say you’re hiring, have an event, new offering, or community involvement. However, great company updates tell customers how to improve their business with unique insight not found anywhere else. If you’re feeling pressure, an occasional interesting industry article on a specific niche is perfectly fine.

Most organizations will want to post LinkedIn Company updates at least weekly to attract and engage followers. Look at it this way, you don’t watch your favorite TV show once a month.

Consider this scenario. A prospect is evaluating three companies on LinkedIn. One company has nothing posted, the second has some clumsy and arrogant posts, and the third offers interesting headlines with inviting images. Which company do you want to be?

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