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100 Blog Posts

Streamline Lessons From 100 Blog Posts

Streamline, our managed services blog, achieves 100 posts today! Since starting in December of 2009, many things have changed and there is very little information on the web from business organizations that aren’t […]

Year End Review

Managed Services Most Popular 2013 Posts

We hope you enjoy our most popular posts from 2013. Blog posts increased to weekly, page views nearly tripled versus last year, and the most notable referring sites were Twitter […]

2013 Technology Predictions Recap

The major news topics in technology for 2013 were NSA Prism privacy violations, floundering, and huge Twitter IPO. While some in the press deemed the year a lost one […]


It’s Time to Get A Blog

You’re struggling with what to put in all those company status updates for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Say nothing and your organization is out of touch. Post anything just […]

LinkedIn Logo

Noteworthy LinkedIn Company Updates

Are your LinkedIn Company Updates noteworthy? For many small and medium businesses, this is a tough question. Your competition is posting and so are your customers. However, are you just […]

Fiscal Cliff

Business Answer for Fiscal Cliff

For the most part, the general press is trying desperately to change the news cycle to something else besides the fiscal cliff. The problem is someone from the financial industry […]

Technology Foresight 2013

Technology Foresight 2013

It seemed like 2012 was just all about the Presidential Election. While the world waited for the outcome, the technology industry of course didn’t slow down. The following predictions are a […]

35 Years Transforming Business

35 Years Transforming Business

We want to thank the thousands of Matrixforce clients for the opportunity to improve their business. Most information technology firms go under in 5 – 7 years and our longevity […]

New Matrixforce Favicon

Matrixforce has introduced a new favicon for web branding. Favicons are the small icons next to the URL in the address bar or the web page title in a web browser. The […]

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