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Apple Decline

Apple Decline ImageThe owner was a brilliant engineer and his firm was quite prosperous. He had nearly one hundred gigabytes of e-mail on a Windows 7 notebook using solid state disk (SSD) and various complex engineering applications. The problem was that he was running out of disk space, even with the move to Office 365 and unlimited e-mail archive. His kids in college had Macs and they just loved them so he asked the question, “Is there a bigger drive available for my existing notebook and does Matrixforce support Apple in Windows world?”.

Well, the answer from Sales was telling. There was no lengthy explanation, just facts. To get a bigger SSD drive, you had to buy a new machine regardless of hardware and both a Dell and Apple were quoted. Then Sales stated this sentence in an e-mail without inquiring with Support: “We certainly support Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Out of a fleet of approximately 3 thousand desktops, 2 dozen are Macs. People with specific functions like publishing do well. Those that have to interact with lots of different staff, customers, or vendors tend to struggle with incompatibilities and steep learning curves.”

The owner ordered the high-end Windows notebook. While he loved his iPhone at first, he too had 36 trouble tickets with it this year and knew the iPhone is no longer relevant. The iPad Mini now really does sound like a feminine hygiene product and in any case, offers very little innovation much like the iPhone 5. The high cost Apple switch is risky and follows a historical 5 year fad trend of Apple’s history separated by 12 years of deep valleys of financial struggle.

We don’t care what you use, but everyone should understand you automatically fall in a certain camp for your choice and then those manufacturers that play well with others succeed. Apple’s arrogance of better than the rest, we’ll make fun of you, and pay us more and again this year and maybe that stuff you really wanted will be out next IS TIRED AND OVER. The advent of Windows 8 and Droid tablets and smartphones that cost less, do more, and play well with others is now. Apple will continue to be a strong consumer player for the short-term, but people are beginning to lose that loving feeling.

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