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Managed Services First Bootstrap Website

Managed Services77% of mobile searches are in a location where a PC is available, according to the Google 2013 Mobile Search Study. Amazingly, most of the technology industry (including Apple) has not embraced this overwhelming mobile search trend. So we decided to share some insights into managed services first bootstrap website.

Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. While Matrixforce is not a web design firm, it’s obvious that you are just frustrating your largest audience of mobile and tablet users by forcing them to scroll and zoom legacy websites. In 2014, not having a mobile responsive website gives the impression that your organization is out of touch – especially if you’re in the technology sector.

The following list provides specifics on the unique user experience at Matrixforce:

  • Mobile first: The display automatically adjusts to fit the screen size of smart phones, tablets, or desktops. Users don’t have to pan or zoom parts of a whole page on smaller devices.
  • No app required: There is no separate mobile site or app in Apple iTunes, Google Play, or Windows Marketplace.
  • Single source: Bootstrap eliminates unnecessary code for mobile sites or apps and the possibility of duplicate content to hinder search results.
  • Clean URLs: Our web pages have no .html, .php, or other extensions. The page names are short and easy to understand, with an obvious boost for search.
  • Sticky header: The logo and menu are always at the top of the screen. You never have to scroll to find menu options to move to another page.
  • Different color: Nearly every competitor has a blue or black website. Dark maroon definitely makes us stand out. A gradient gives some flare and character versus the mundane flat look.
  • Logo is home: Home menu options are redundant, extra clutter, and no longer relevant for modern websites.
  • Touch menus: Traditional pulldown menus don’t work on smartphones or tablets. Bootstrap menus work on any screen size and the size is large for easy menu selection on tablets or touchscreens.
  • Large font: On conventional monitors, the font is large with easily readable typography and gray contrast that is easier on the eyes. For smaller displays, the font adjusts accordingly.
  • Images adjust: Images automatically resize to fit the device display.
  • Grid structure: The row and column format of each page fluidly adapts for smartphones and mini-tablets.
  • Content rich: The competition generally has a couple dozen pages amidst plenty of bluster. We have over 200 pages and growing of customer focused benefits, features, cost comparisons, frequent questions, requirements, knowledgebase articles, white papers, and videos.
  • Simple footer: Since the top menu is always available, duplicate navigation links are no longer necessary in the footer. The footer is really only supposed to be legal and contact information. Putting copious amounts of random information in the footer and inviting your audience to drift off to social media on every page was never a good idea.

As always, we’d like to thank our customers for the opportunity to provide insight, streamline technology, and improve business operations. For the competition and the rest of the technology sector, you’re going to have to get with the times.

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