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Managed Services Most Popular 2013 Posts

We hope you enjoy our most popular posts from 2013. Blog posts increased to weekly, page views nearly tripled versus last year, and the most notable referring sites were Twitter and LinkedIn. Two notable posts from previous years that received significant traffic were High Cost Apple Switch and Firewalls and Cloud Computing. Obviously, the April Fools joke was a little too believable. Here’s the top 10 most popular posts from 2013:

  1. 35 Years Transforming Business (January 2013) – We continue to thank all of our clients for the opportunity to streamline technology and improve business operations.
  2. 5 Years Moving Oklahoma to the Cloud (February 2013) – You’re definitely missing out on big savings and improved productivity if you haven’t considered the cloud.
  3. Tips for Decommissioning Old Computer Equipment (April 2013) – Do you know how to get rid of that old equipment bone pile?
  4. Noteworthy LinkedIn Company Updates (May 2013) – Great company updates tell customers how to improve their business with unique insight not found anywhere else.
  5. Equallogic Firmware Upgrade 2013 (August 2013) – Tips for keeping your storage investment operating smoothly.
  6. Matrixforce Named One of Tulsa’s Best Places to Work 2013 (September 2013) – Thank you to the Tulsa Business and Legal News for the opportunity to participate, the tremendous feedback from our staff, and most of all our clients who make us better.
  7. Tax Deductible Managed Services (September 2013) – Regular and necessary expenses that are not only tax-deductible, but good for shareholders and customers.
  8. Scary Office 365 (October 2013) – Cautionary lessons for Office 365 e-mail migrations.
  9. Windows Server 2012 R2 Upgrade Tips (December 2013) – Key points for System Admins clamoring for the new features including the return of the Start Button.
  10. 2013 Technology Predictions Recap (December 2013) – Most of the predictions were fairly accurate and drove the economy.

THANK YOU for following this blog and we look forward to providing even more vision for your business and technology operations for 2014!

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