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Pending Microsoft 2012 Releases

Most of the main stream media and even prominent technology writers have dubbed the 2000’s as the lost decade for Microsoft. That’s mostly revisionist history as Microsoft released hundreds of new and updated software and hardware products annually during that time. In comparison, Apple only released three at the latter part of that era: iPod, iPad, and iPhone. The decade started with the 2000 version of the product line switching from numbered versions, including everything from Windows and Office 2000 to stalwarts like SQL and Exchange 2000 for databases and messaging. By 2010, Microsoft was a strong player in everything from gaming and entertainment with Xbox to cloud computing with Office 365 – each business unit topping a billion dollars in revenue and all profitable with few exceptions. In that span of time, Microsoft innovated with:

  1. User interfaces changing 3 major times
  2. The gold standard in software security was created with stringent product design and dedicated monthly updates
  3. Professional competency and certification programs implemented for quality services for customers to set the example for other software manufacturers
  4. Full business product lines were developed like Dynamics for accounting and ERP to slick technologies like Surface that we watched in prime time on CSI

Meanwhile, industry pundits continuously panned Microsoft as greedy/manipulative and inept, while gushing over Apple – and Google can of course do no harm. Apple will have its challenges with a less than well received pretty-much-the-same-thing iPhone 5, not to mention dealing with a 20 year deficit for security considerations for new-found popularity. The writing also seems to be on the wall as Apple will simply sue competitors like Samsung, rather than innovating as how could anybody else really think of a rectangle with oval corners and a touch screen? Google has its own issues with security for Android and must figure out how to make Plus viable before Facebook adds a web search bar.

Microsoft releases in 2012 are a pivotal time for changing business:

  • October 26 is the Windows 8 release date. XP is discontinued in April of 2014 and Windows 7 is out of standard support by the end of the year. Contrary to blatant review inaccuracies, metro just means the start menu is active and a full-page – and there is a standard desktop just like before. Look for upcoming Matrixforce review next month.
  • Mid September to October will bring corresponding Windows Phone 8. Faster, more features, better business integration, and you don’t need an App for that. Watch for upcoming “You can’t do that with an iPhone” content and seriously consider Windows Phone 8, before you get sucked into the hype of buying an iPhone 5 (iPhone not Relevant).
  • September 1 ushers in the next generation of platform products with Windows Server 2012. All 2003 products are no longer supported by January 1, 2013 and 2008 products are also out of mainstream support next year. Another war on virtualization has officially been decided and this should be your next server OS. Matrixforce is testing internally now and will be deploying new installations and upgrades next month.
  • If you’re not keeping up, a new version of Office 2013 is also imminent. Don’t buy it old school but keep current with Office 365 where you’ll also automatically get new features like Skype and upgraded versions of Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, and SharePoint 2013.

These are just a few of the Microsoft offerings that will change the landscape for how we do business. Subscribe to our blog in the upper left of this page to get more information upcoming products and how they affect you.

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