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Streamline Most Popular Posts 2014

In 2014, we changed things up with a new theme and branded our blog “Streamline” to match our trademark. Page views doubled from 2013, along with a 250% increase in visitors. Matrixforce has left Facebook and Google+ and will be focusing solely on this blog with publicity using Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Here’s the top 15 most popular posts from 2014:

  1. Leveraging 20 Years of Microsoft Competency (January 2014) – A higher level of commitment to customers and expertise.
  2. What Does End of Support Mean? (February 2014) – Streamlining technology means low risk, more productivity, and less cost.
  3. Which Office 365 Plan Is Right for Me? (March 2014) – Get the most flexibility in cost and choice, while avoiding known pitfalls.
  4. Apple April Fools (April 2014) – The joke of today is that the Mac isn’t that popular and Apple is now the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer.
  5. Do You Have a Spare? (April 2014) – It’s just smart business and a contingency you should definitely implement.
  6. Office 365 Legal Agreements (May 2014) – Everything you want to know about Office 365 security and privacy in one place.
  7. Managed Services First Bootstrap Website (June 2014) – The competition and the rest of the technology sector need to get with the times.
  8. 5 Tips to Eliminate Technology Grousing (June 2014) – If there is a “perception” of technology woes from staff, leadership is ultimately responsible and should take steps to eliminate.
  9. 7 Things We Don’t Do (June 2014) – Find the right fit for your business and identify your likes and dislikes upfront.
  10. Internet Explorer Recommended for Business (August 2014) – Chrome and Firefox sell advertising and work poorly with business functions.
  11. Cheapest Way to Buy Microsoft Office (August 2014) – Chrome and Firefox sell advertising and work poorly with business functions.
  12. Internet Explorer Recommended for Business (August 2014) – Be a hero with your management and show them the cheapest way to buy Microsoft Office.
  13. Why Snapshots Are Not Backups (September 2014) – If you’re depending on snapshots only, then you’re operating under high risk of downtime and data loss.
  14. OneDrive for Business Explained (November 2014) – OneDrive for Business is intended to replace your user folder on your network, while offering easier sharing, better search and file management, and more security.
  15. Making Customers Contenders as Oklahoma’s Exclusive Microsoft Cloud Champion 2015 (December 2015) – Customers win big as Matrixforce joins an elite group of Microsoft’s Top 100 Cloud Champions.

THANK YOU for following this blog and we look forward to providing even more insight into improving your business and streamlining technology for 2015!

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