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Technology Predictions for 2015

Technology Predictions 2015

2015 will follow the course of last year. As political news rises to a frenzy with the impending 2016 presidential elections, action for the average company will invariably slow. Crystal balls don’t really exist, but the following predictions are what we see as on-going trends:

  1. 40% of IT support firms will go under. To put this statement into perspective, 20% of the market always churns as IT services firms have a higher failure rate than restaurants. The main reasons will be a lack of differentiation and value for customers, limited technical competency for current technology, and poor business acumen.
  2. Cloud rules. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon will continue to increase features and lower costs to the benefit of customers. Few organizations can compete with the security, productivity, disaster recovery, and cost effectiveness of these major industry players.
  3. Two-step logon. As part of the cloud, two-step logon will start to become the norm eliminating the weakest link of passwords and myriad consumer hacks.
  4. Digital marketing dominates. In our industry, it’s pretty easy to point out that if our competition can’t regularly update a website or provide weekly blog tips to help customers, then how can they manage your network or respond to business needs? Winning organizations will strive to stay top of mind, regularly offer value instead of promotion, and also convert prospects into customers.
  5. Self-service demanded. Your customers want to get their information from your applications or website on their own schedule. Deliver this functionality or your competitors will.
  6. Apple all or nothing. Even Hollywood has realized that the hundreds of millions in free Mac gear for TV and movies skews reality. Apple still only has 10% of the computer market after toiling over the last 30 years. Apple must decide to fully embrace music and consumer electronics or try to continue to buy its way into mainstream computing. Unfortunately, the newest thing for Apple will be the iPhone 7.
  7. LinkedIn roars. With many organizations having limited options for publishing customer content, LinkedIn will continue to be the darling for business while also offering better return than Facebook or Twitter advertising.
  8.  Device security enforced. Sure bring your own device, but if you connect to corporate services we update it, enforce policies, and wipe your device as necessary.
  9. Knowledge engines improve. Search engine optimization firms will get rocked again as both Google and Bing race to seed these knowledge databases. If you or your organization are not notable, then will you be found?
  10. Data loss prevention at the forefront. Compliance and the deluge of SPAM will force all organizations to move to encrypted e-mail for true business purposes and outbound filtering for sensitive financial or personal information.

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  1. I feel that limited technical competency, inability to hire qualified manpower personnel, cut-throat competition have increased the failure rate of IT service firms. Cloud and digital marketing have become the most opted technologies and marketing mechanisms respectively.

    • Agreed. The pace of technology only increases, but few firms do any formal technical training or mentoring. Those same IT firms rarely update their websites or provide anything of value for online.

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