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Top 5 Ways to Streamline Your Technology

Streamline Your Technology ImageEstablished businesses generally have one thing in common: too much technology that is difficult and costly to maintain. That’s why our hallmark since 1993 has been “Streamline Your Technology”.

The old adage that less is more is especially true in technology. Upon purchase, servers depreciate in value more than cars. Plus, a typical server warranty is only three years in which you can likely no longer get replacement parts afterward.

While juggling projects and user requests, most IT staff struggle to perform regular maintenance and monitoring of critical tasks like backup . Correspondingly, users struggle with the deluge of technology and different systems.

To help overcome these challenges, we’ve provided the top 5 ways to streamline your technology:

  1. Get you to the cloud. Offerings like Office 365 are a 30% – 50% savings over on-premise servers and productivity software with better security and more features.
  2. Use single sign-on. One password with Azure for sign in to cloud applications and the network lowers frustration for users and increases security of information.
  3. Protect users and devices. Intune protects those BYOD users or those employees who travel and don’t get back to the office regularly for updates and policy enforcement.
  4. Leverage a knowledgebase. Get a consistent resource for setup, standard operating procedures, utilities, and downloads from the Matrixforce Knowledgebase.
  5. Manage business. Take the pressure off existing IT with managed services, while providing decision-making tools for your management like a Quarterly CIO Review of goals and outcomes with system health, support case breakdown of problem areas, and a rolling 5 year forecast of technology.

If you take this approach to streamline your technology, then you have less stuff to buy. There are also fewer things to manage and you have resources to help improve business operations. That is what’s called a win – win – win.

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