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Tag: Azure

Government Building

GAA Conference 2015: CPAs Experience Cloud

The turnout for the OSCPA 2015 Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference on May 11-12 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman was over 750 attendees with Matrixforce as a major sponsor for […]

Directory Synchronization

Dirsync Explained

To save confusion and increase productivity, many customers want the same password for local networks and the cloud. “Dirsync” is a Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync tool that synchronizes user passwords from your on-premises […]

Streamline Your Technology Image

Top 5 Ways to Streamline Your Technology

Established businesses generally have one thing in common: too much technology that is difficult and costly to maintain. That’s why our hallmark since 1993 has been “Streamline Your Technology”. The […]

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