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Why Managed Services?

Google started with the idea of indexing everything on the Internet and no concept of how to make money.  After stumbling upon advertising, the giant success we know today continues to focus on search and disrupting traditional business ideas. Mainstream publishing and entertainment sources lost the bulk of advertising revenues and often the medium for delivery. Why do expensive traditional advertising with no way of tracking return when you can pay a fraction of the cost for only ads that were clicked with tracking of users? Similarly, knowledge of how to find information and years of experience can now be matched with a near immediate answer to virtually any question on Google.

Just like Google, Managed Services are changing the way businesses deploy and utilize information technology. As a broad term, it’s important to understand the managed services definition:  flat monthly cost, unlimited support, regular maintenance, guaranteed response, business consulting, and vendor management. While break-fix companies, retail shops, and even staffing firms are trying to offer a managed services model, these entities do not have the core ingredients or motivations of a managed service provider. In fact, the main managed services myths are high cost and selling more product, when in reality cost is much less and there is no motivation to implement more product or take more time.

Managed services benefits offer a paradigm shift for companies to have less IT and infrastructure with more focus on business. Our managed services comparison shows an example of the savings using your organization’s variables. Customers are often overwhelmed with common sales lines for managed services from various players. What makes us different is Matrixforce Delta@, our proprietary methodology. We prefer to demonstrate a unique business approach whether providing simple managed services FAQ or insightful business planning. By constantly questioning why for technology and approach, we help customers become more efficient with less cost.

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