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Cloud Computing Cheats Death and Taxes

April is here with the certainty of taxes and eventual death. Which is why we are often amazed that many folks don’t understand two of the most critical cloud computing benefits: buy fewer products avoiding that taxing cost and escape the planned obsolescence or death of the three-year life cycle of equipment.

Before even discussing benefits, you have to know the cloud computing definition. Cloud computing is a suite of applications provided via the Internet by major software manufacturers at less cost than on-premise infrastructure with greater security and reliability.

Part of the confusion is the myriad of cloud computing myths, from mistaking for virtualization and hosting to misguided beliefs. Cloud computing with data is like banking and money. Over 100 years ago, people stopped burying money in the backyard or stuffing in a mattress because of better security. What business value is it for you to be able to touch your servers and do you maintain high security like CyberTrust or Federal security guidelines at your office?

Even though cloud computing is a well over used buzz phrase, you should still do your due diligence and review the common cloud computing FAQ of providers. At the end of the day, a solution must be affordable with high value so it’s important to understand the cloud computing comparison in cost versus on-premise infrastructure.

Finally, after you’re up to speed and ready for more agile business with less hassle, contact us for a demo at (918) 622-1167 Option 3 or and begin a 30 day free cloud computing trial.

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