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Lucky Green Computing

In the midst of all the basketball, we have the luck of the Irish celebrated on St. Patrick’s day. The problem is far too many companies are gambling with their technology infrastructure. We were all very lucky that virtually everyone had power, during the recent snowpocalypse.

Those with virtualization and cloud computing, literally weathered the storm with less power and concern for downtime. Others scrambled to get employee’s never used VPN connections configured, while wondering if the aged servers could handle the extra stress.

What does just 8 hours of downtime cost your organization? Worse yet, what if that server that is out of warranty with little or no availability crashes and must be replaced? How will your operations function for a week during the wait time for shipping of equipment and emergent setup and recovery?

Being green doesn’t mean more cost. Face it. Most of you reading this article have little or no idea of the state of your basic infrastructure for age or replacement, but are very aware of employees requesting multiple monitors with the latest tablet or smartphone and access to all social media.

What if you cut the number of servers you have in half and moved critical unified messaging off of your responsiblity, while lowering your maintenance and support cost? Doesn’t green computing now make a lot more sense?

How long will you depend upon Lady Luck or standby while the competition cuts technology cost in half? Stop rolling the dice and contact Matrixforce at (918) 622-1167 Option 3 or

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