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Love Cloud Computing

Probably 4 of the last 5 years, you’ve been stranded at home during severe winter weather in Oklahoma for 2 or more days. No matter what customers (especially those not in the same region) don’t understand not being able to reach you via e-mail, access your website, or call you on the phone. Further, they are not sympathetic if you cannot process a transaction for them.

Fortunately, we’ve been lucky that there haven’t been the usual large pockets of power outages. As this is likely to happen again next winter, how is your disaster recovery working and what are you doing now to prepare for next time?

Some organizations are sitting on cash and are proceeding on the legacy thinking of moving infrastructure to a hosted facility with a second site in another region, while others are scrambling to purchase large generators or contracting with disaster recovery firms. None of these options can be done during this storm and the manual failover contingency list and ongoing high cost is more than daunting.

So what if you were on Cloud Computing and during normal business and emergency situations your e-mail, critical data, and website were always running? Not tied to brick and mortar headquarters and with simple phone forwarding, employees could do most or all of their jobs anywhere the Internet was accessible.

Add to the above that the cost of Cloud Computing is often 50% less than on-premise infrastructure, without including disaster recovery costs that are mostly eliminated using this approach. Now you focus on business and the status of customers and employees during the winter blizzard and not about technology.

While our competition scrambles through drills and how to move and failover on-premise systems, Matrixforce has served clients. Marketing updated the website with timely information for clients and published this blog, Sales followed-up with prospects and performed various online Cloud demos, and Support responded to requests and performed maintenance as usual.

As a national Cloud Champion, Matrixforce offers unique expertise for both on-premise infrastructure managed services and cloud computing implementation. Most of Oklahoma business has been crippled, but for Matrixforce it is business as usual and we can make that happen for your business too.

E-mail, visit, or call (918) 622-1167 Option 3  for more information.

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