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2011 Technology Predictions

2010 was a great year for technology with an explosion of smartphones, tablets, and controller-less gaming. The following are some intriguing possibilities for 2011:

  1. Cloud computing will continue to increase with Microsoft Office 365 adding 15 million users
  2. Google Apps will add more corporate features and 9 million more users.
  3. Unified messaging will still be hot with iPhone doubling the number of units sold through Verizon.
  4. Despite the increase, Droid will have similar numbers and Windows Phone 7 a 40% increase in sales for larger tiles, faster operation, and best corporate integration.
  5. RIMM will decommission proprietary Blackberry messaging in favor of Microsoft ActiveSync to ensure survival.
  6. Virtualization of core systems will be even more the norm with Microsoft Hyperv continuing to take dominant market share to the detriment of VMWare.
  7. Usage of HTML 5 for websites will begin in earnest marking the eventual demise of Java, Flash, and Silverlight.
  8. Network security and data protection will be a key concern as both iPhone and Droid will suffer a massive virus attack.
  9. Apple will release a gaming device and Google a new gaming marketplace, but Microsoft will continue to dominate with Xbox/Live.
  10. Windows 7 x64 will be the defacto standard workstation operating system by the end of 2011.

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