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Making Customers Contenders as Oklahoma’s Exclusive Microsoft Cloud Champion 2015

Unknown to most of the world, history is being made again and customers are winning big. On December 12/10 – 12/11 at Redmond, Matrixforce joins an elite group of Microsoft’s Top 100 Cloud Champions. What got us here is streamlining technology for customers like you.

Somewhere Freddy Mercury is starting low singing “We Are The Champions”.

I’ve paid my dues time after time. Before it was called cloud we were leveraging 20 years of Microsoft competency. Then 2008 came with the worst ice storm that ever hit Oklahoma. Many customers had no power for days. Hundreds of people died.

Traditional data centers were inundated. Many customers couldn’t physically get there, much less stomach the liability of employees possibly dying to come to work. Even if you got on site and there were hosting staff to help you, you still had the problem of maintaining and replacing the equipment over time. Plus, who were theses guys who now had full access to all of my data? When are they going to grow to better handle the next disaster? Where is my data replicated and now what do I do when this data center is possibly destroyed?

I’ve done my sentence, but committed no crime. In 2009, Oklahoma was again hit with another ice apocalypse. This time we were ready. With Office 365, customers just had to access the Internet from anywhere to respond to e-mail and access files.  There was no expensive failover or dangerous travel and new customers could be up and running in just a few hours. No other traditional rack space host can compete with the billions invested by Microsoft in unparalleled productivity and security. While the competition was celebrating by selling a bunch of planned obsolescence hardware with an avalanche of software and services, we helped customers move business forward and work smarter in the future.

And bad mistakes, I’ve made a few. It’s called eating your own dog food which means we run our business on Azure, Office 365, Intune, and CRM Online. We’ve already made all the mistakes deploying and continually learning, as an example for customers and our commitment to expertise. We share specialized operational knowledge, rather than scripted marketing hype. Always make a technology provider prove their worth by having them demonstrate cloud in their business.

I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I’ve come through. The stark reality is that only about 1% of the 640,000 Microsoft Partners worldwide conduct business on cloud. They push fear because a traditional partner is losing 70% of their revenue versus offering cloud. We challenge you to search the web for a story on Office 365 getting hacked. All of those cautionary tales pertain to consumer offerings with obviously limited focus on security. Once customers actually do their own investigation, they are pleasantly surprised about the Office 365 Comparison savings for built-in disaster recovery, backup, security, and productivity.

And we mean to go on and on and on and on. This is the 4th annual Microsoft Cloud Champion Summit and today we have more than 5 years moving Oklahoma to the cloud. Our new goal is 20,000 subscribers. Unlike the CRN 250 or Inc 5000 list, Microsoft Top 100 Cloud Champion is not purchased advertising. Our customers enjoy huge savings and new capabilities as competitive advantage versus a Dell Partner of the Year that simply means a reseller sold a bunch of equipment. Any provider who has not started providing cloud services with at least 5,000 subscribers, is a high risk choice for customers without enough revenue to survive.

We are the champions – my friends. Champion attendees will be provided advanced notice and exclusive training under Non-Disclosure Agreement on Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, Pinpoint, and Vision. Further, structured break-out sessions are tailored per partner focus to provide unparalleled skills for customers.

Following this leading-edge training, Matrixforce will begin providing breakthrough services for better productivity in the cloud and briefing managed services clients on strategic approach.

Office 365 Free Trial for 30 Days

Windows Intune free trial for 30 days

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