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Operational Maturity Delivers

Streamline Your Technology ImageIt’s that time again to face the hard facts of this year’s performance and formulate plans for 2015. This week will be our final board meeting of 2014 with the leadership of Matrixforce. Unlike virtually any other competitor, Matrixforce is a C Corporation which is a strong signal to customers of an established organization and operational maturity.

2014 was a good year with lots of changes. There were 5 major internal projects all focused on delivering productivity and security to clients with self-service access to key information. Revenues are up over 20% versus last year and profits over 28%. Our largest growth area has been Guardian Managed Services where we saved each client an average of $150K, generally reducing infrastructure by approximately 12 servers each. The second largest growth area is Orbit Cloud Computing in which we implemented over 50 cloud migrations at approximately 50% reduction in operating cost verses on premise solutions. Next week we’ll be recognized by Microsoft as one of the Top 100 Cloud Partners out of over 640,000 worldwide.

None of these returns for customers could have been achieved without solid operational maturity with approaches like our Delta proprietary methodology. These are the same type of qualities we appreciate in our niche medium-sized business clients. We would like to thank all of our clients, vendors, and staff for a great year. We are also increasing Support and Marketing staff by 10% again this year, so if you know of any good candidates see our Careers page for more information.

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